quick update

Ok, sorry for the lack of updates for the grand total of 4 of you who do read this! Hah.

Anyway, yes, I am in London now. Unfortunately internet access isn’t through my own computer so I haven’t posted any photos of any of the trip in ages.
I will eventually get past Austin. I promise.
This is one from my walk-a-bout in London with Simon on my first weekend.

Canada was amazing and I will share the long story of the month spent there.

I guess you want to know where I’m at in London. Well I have spent nearly 2 weeks at Maria’s. Its been great and her flatmates are lovely. I cooked a roast dinner for them mid way through last week and vacuumed their stairs and hallway today. Hopefully this makes up for the fact that I’m too poor to pay them for staying really.

London is expensive, but I’m over the fact that everything costs too much and am getting used to making a little money go a long way.

I finally saw Pavement. I could almost die happy now.
I see Tegan and Sara are playing in June. I must find a job so I can afford to go. I know tickets aren’t expensive, but spending money on shows and not food/accomodation/transport and other more important things comes first.

A while back Owen mentioned he could die happy if he saw some bands live… when he did this I made a similar list.
My list was Ben Folds, Pavement,The Eels, Tegan and Sara, Cat Power and Mogwai.

There is at least a chance that 2 of these acts will perform in London during my time here.
I missed Ben Folds in Chicago, and although I’m sad I did, I think I’ll still have a chance in the future of seeing him perform.

I guess though, now I can cross Pavement off the list of bands to see.
There are of course acts like Broken Social Scene, Band of Horses, The Shins and such which I have seen, and will happily make an effort to see again.

Tower Bridge.

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  1. Matt
    June 30, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    I don’t know how I came across your site, but you’re pretty cute and I like reading about your travels….good to see you’re into good music, like Canada’s Broken Social Scene…if you’re not familiar with, you should become familiar with Sloan, Big Sugar / Grady…great Canadian bands also…enjoy London!

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