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2010… through the eyes of my sketchbook

I always carry a little sketch/notebook around with me. So here are the images and notes of 2010 through the eyes of my sketchbook. Moose Lodge sticker, Austin, Texas. March 2010 Reverse cut outs from T-shirt making, Victoria, Canada. March 2010 Bus waiting doodle, Calgary, Canada. April 2010 On a Greyhound bus, between Alberta and Saksatoon, Canada. April 2010 Notes… Read more →

quick update

Ok, sorry for the lack of updates for the grand total of 4 of you who do read this! Hah. Anyway, yes, I am in London now. Unfortunately internet access isn’t through my own computer so I haven’t posted any photos of any of the trip in ages. I will eventually get past Austin. I promise. This is one from… Read more →

Arts and Crafts in Victoria

The weather got really crusty in Victoria for the long weekend. In avoidance of going outside we decided to do some stencil t-shirt making. My goal was clear, after a complete fail at finding an “I Heart Canada” t-shirt I had to make one. We had scoured all the tourist shops in Victoria, of which there are a lot; and… Read more →

Fran on a Bike

So today Dan convinced me on to a bike to do the trip as shown below. Those who know me know I don’t really do bikes, even more so, bikes on hills. It was an experience. Am kinda sore now. I also went to hang out at Tim Horton’s again, and eat more “easter crack” as Dan calls it. (Those… Read more →