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The Gig List 1995- 2006

Summertimes:1995 Crowded House
Summertimes 1994 Jimmy Barnes,


March 16 1996: Page, Bunyip, Braspadeek, the edge, christchurch.

Charge 1996: HLAH, Superette, the 3Ds and Beats’r’us


4th March Ben Harper with support from Bunyip- The Edge
27 March Page @BHS

Saturday May 14th: Page: Christchurch

Friday 27th June: Audio Overload: The Nomad, HLAH, salmonella dub: Caledonian Hall Christchurch

Monday 21st July: Page: Christchurch
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Last night I went with Lisa to see cassette play at bar bodega, man I miss that place,

I haven’t been there since last year, in fact I am sure that the last time I was there Was for the fur patrol un-hinged gig, hell, that was like august??? Maybe I have been there since, but I was probably drunk, and don’t remember. Ahh well, that’s how it is I guess….

Well a bit of background on cassette, they are a wellington band that skipped the nest early last year For Melbourne, yes every wellington band seems to do that I know. Read more →

powderfinger rocked my world… well for one night only…

Okay well I have been a busy bee since arriving home, lots of assignments blah blah blah… ie… no fun….

Well thats a lie, last night i was blown away by Powderfinger…. i guess i was totally surprised cause i wasn’t really expecting so much from them…. but wow, they impressed me heaps…. they had two giant video screens Projecting all sorts of cool stuff (it must be the popular thing with bands these days.

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