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Eamonn is one of my favourite people and I like it when good things happen to good people.

When Eamonn first got in touch with me about doing some comedy sets at Puppies we both agreed that they should take place in ‘The Internet’ and over three nights. He wasn’t expecting great turnouts, and until a few weeks before this was the plan. As interest in his performance grew, and each night his expanded four performances – more and more people came.… Read more →

YZ visit Melbourne

So Yumi Zouma came to Melbourne and played some shows. I took Kim to Mt favourite tea house and we spent a few hours sampling a range of teas and Bec explained the varieties of tea. A couple of night’s before I had tea at Shebeen too. Since I’m not drinking, tea is my go to drink. The band played… Read more →

Casual walks

So after realising that I had spent too much of the day in bed I embarked on a three hour walk round Brunswick East and Coburg. I really should walk more often,  but perhaps choosing prettier destinations… Read more →

ACMI profile me   The Sisters Hayes (Christina, Esther and Rebecca) are a trio of sibling artists living and working in Melbourne. With collective skills in painting, craft, animation, film and photography, costume and set design the familial group make diverse collaborative works for broad audiences. The Sisters Hayes would like to know: What did you (or do you) want to be when you… Read more →

I’ve never seen Star Wars*

*I have The title refers to a Radio 4 show hosted by Marcus Brigstock called ‘I’ve never seen Star Wars’. The premise of this radio show, is asking people (famous people) to do a selection of tasks that they have never done before and then describe and rate the experience out of 10. (see: I’ve never seen the TV series… Read more →

1990 music reminisce

I’m having a geek out. Apparently it is quite easy to access old songs off kiwi hit discs online. Might I recommend you start with disc 39. No Feelers (Yay), however there is Tadpole (boo). Here is a song I liked a lot when this all came out. I’m at a guess it was 1998 or 1999. Hah. Its called ‘Matt’… Read more →


  Its a hot day today, around 40 degrees out. So I sat outside in the morning while it was peaceful at the house. I really didn’t do anything much today. I did a little gardening, cut some more rhubarb. Made it into a crumble.   2012, shaping up to be very domestic and dull.     Read more →