I’ve never seen Star Wars*

*I have

The title refers to a Radio 4 show hosted by Marcus Brigstock called ‘I’ve never seen Star Wars’. The premise of this radio show, is asking people (famous people) to do a selection of tasks that they have never done before and then describe and rate the experience out of 10.

(see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%27ve_Never_Seen_Star_Wars_(radio_series))

I’ve never seen the TV series of the same, but would like to.  I’ve been listening to episodes of this radio show for about 6 months now.


I don’t believe in resolutions for the New Year, but I will turn 30 in July this year. As the lovely Megan Gates asked her Facebook friends for 30 things to do before she turns 30.

I don’t want 30, and I don’t want them to be expensive (see the kind of things that the radio show asked people to do- I’m thinking that level). They have to be things I’ve never done.


Please add suggestions to the comments section.



Btw, to others turning 30 this year. Please read Danny Wallace’s ‘Friends like these’. Its a great book about being 29.

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