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Movies about Music: Bandslam

I don’t know if I should hate myself for watching a Vanessa Hudgens movie. I guess I can admit to once watching Camp Rock when it was on the TV. I guess if I’ve stooped as low as the Jonas Brothers, Hudgens is only a small step away from that. Anyway, its 4am, but a bloody cicada has got inside,… Read more →

Morningtown Ride

I was just watching episode 3 of The Trip with Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan. The two of them have a sing along in the car of The Seekers – ‘Morningtown Ride’. Its a song my Dad used to sing to me as a little child. Weird how I just heard the lyrics and it all came back to me.… Read more →

35 Degrees and Baking

Right, so today I went to IKEA and forced Joff into buying homewares. It is so I avoid doing it myself. It was really hot today. I think it got to 35. I know I am slowly going to have to brace myself to get used to the heat. We don’t really have any dinner food, perhaps this should have… Read more →

Until Dawn

Listening to ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ on a stinking hot Melbourne summer night. I know that this isn’t even the highest heat I’ll experience. I am missing my damn friends in Christchurch. I am also surrounded by boxes of stuff… Everything I now own fits behind a couch. That, I admit is really fucking weird. Especially all my friends… Read more →


So I have a new job. I’m listening to the Flaming Lips doing Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the Moon. Its quite cool. I spent a fair bit of time today also listening to the new Band of Horses, Broken Social Scene and some of The Low Anthem- my SXSW discovery… and uhh…. new Eels, and Michigan by Sufjan Stevens.… Read more →