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2010… through the eyes of my sketchbook

I always carry a little sketch/notebook around with me. So here are the images and notes of 2010 through the eyes of my sketchbook. Moose Lodge sticker, Austin, Texas. March 2010 Reverse cut outs from T-shirt making, Victoria, Canada. March 2010 Bus waiting doodle, Calgary, Canada. April 2010 On a Greyhound bus, between Alberta and Saksatoon, Canada. April 2010 Notes… Read more →

It must be September…

Which means there are birthdays to be had. On Friday night, Liz, Lloyd and I went on a walking tour of London. We ended up late, in South London with nowhere to go at the end. So we went to Costas and got cake. I told Liz, while we wandered around Elephant and Castle (smart idea for a late Friday… Read more →

Goodbye Manor House warehouse

I moved out of Manor House on Thursday. I’ll miss the grand over sized bedroom with mezzanine floor. I’ll miss the cat that tried to sleep on my face so many times, and the random people who were there, also I will miss the short single bus commute to work. I will not miss, listening to loud music at 3am… Read more →

Royal Albert Hall

So I went to see one of the ‘Proms’ performances at the Royal Albert Hall on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It was pretty entertaining. They are recorded for BBC radio 3 and played on the TV in the evenings. The one I went to was pretty abstract and weird. It was a piece made about anti-religion. The choir sung pretty… Read more →

Every Day…

Every day I walk past a set of warehouses called Omega on the way to the set of warehouses where I live. Most of the ones up at Omega seem to be full of musicians and people who throw massive parties. Also a few artists up there seem to have constant exhibition openings. One of the art studios has these… Read more →

The last Monday of 27

Today I received a package from my mum. A nice wee something for my birthday I guess. My hand is half asleep. Really the rest of me should be too. I don’t know quite why I’m bothering with an update, outside of the fact I just finished watching the new episode of Outrageous Fortune. Gosh that series really is quite… Read more →

Hey, welcome back to the Fran show.

So I finally have Internet sorted in my flat. My flat is amazing. its a warehouse in North London… This might mean I have to become an Arsenal or Tottenham fan. I live with 11 people. My room has a mezzanine floor! I am having a great/awful time in London. Various reasons for all of this. The good is the… Read more →