the list

A couple of years ago, during a rant with Owen, I listed my bands I must see before I die.   My list was Ben Folds, Pavement, The Eels, Tegan and Sara, Cat Power and Mogwai.   In the last 2 years I have seen everyone but Mogwai and The Eels. In 3 weeks I will only have The Eels… Read more →


Today was gloriously hot. On my way back from a long trip out to Brighton, I sent David a text message inviting him into the city for an evening walk. It was still balmy… we ate dinner on the library lawn, then David took me on a tour of the old Argus building. I was surprised with how easy it… Read more →

Me and my Aimee

So Aimee arrived last weekend in Melbourne. There may be some recollection of a post to this site last year when Aimee, Mandi and I drank too much, mocked beavers and sang our national anthems to one another. Well now she’s on my side of the globe for a few months. Colour me excited. On Saturday we did the Melbourne… Read more →

Rainbow Connection. So Weezer and the ginge girl from Paramore have covered one of my favourite songs. The Rainbow Connection. I like the first 1/2 of the song they’ve done. Not sold on the rest of it. Read more →