Movies about Music: Airheads (1994)

Airheads comes from the same place deep in the 1990’s that films like Wayne’s World are steeped in.

The band- ‘The Lone Rangers’ made up of Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler and a long haired Steve Buscemi are trying to get their song heard and signed by a label. They decide the best way to do it is to break into a local radio station KPPX-FM Rebel Radio 103.6 and play their demo over the airwaves.

The Lone Rangers manage to get into the studio with the resident famous DJ ‘Ian the Shark’. Then the station manager Milo- a smooth 80’sesque executive, busts in demanding they get off the air. Buscemi’s character, Rex gets angry and pulls a fake gun on him. Suddenly it turns into a hostage situation.

Airheads is entertaining in a way that a film called Airheads obviously would be. The story focuses about the world where commercial radio doesn’t play songs so they don’t chart and therefore don’t get played. Also to play the line that Empire Records also follows, the station is under threat changing from it’s rock format to easy listening and the staff are involved in a revolt against the evil Milo and his plans.

Fraser and Buscemi are gold in this film, however it is a little ridiculous and all over the place, but if you want a film to kill some time in a light hearted way, Airheads will do.

The muso cameos in this one are White Zombie and Lemmy from Motorhead- he was apparently editor of the school magazine.

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