The Mint Chicks, Die! Die!Die! at The Wunderbar/ Dux de Lux Jan 2004

The Mint Chicks, Die! Die!Die! at The Wunderbar Christchurch Jan 29th 2004
and The Mint Chicks, Die! Die!Die! at The Dux Christchurch Jan 30th 2004

Two nights? One review? heh I think I can do it. Although, that said the two nights to me were wildly different. I mean you can’t get two “intimate” venues that are more opposite. The wunderbar always attracts an eclectic crowd (perhaps its just the location), and At this gig, I don’t think the crowd knew quite what to expect from these two auckland based bands.

Die! Die! Die!’s 15 minutes stunned the crowd, along with chris’s wondeful dancing, Andrew threw himself at the crowd with their in your face style. – A theme common to both bands… although, while Andrew is more “in your face” the Mint chicks are more likely to be found swinging from the rafters… well they didn’t quite, but you could expect it to happen. The Mint Chicks had the crowd swinging their hips anyway.

Night two, and I think most of last nights crowd have come back for more, along with those who aren’t brave enough to leave the city… or don’t fancy cycling through the lyttleton tunnel. (which I don’t think you can anyway??)

Tonight, for me Die! Die! Die! are on fire. They have the crowd literally eating from their palms… of course, after their glourious 15 minutes, leaving the crowd hanging out for more. The Mint Chicks crank up their energetic performance for a second time, but for me, the stuffy overcrowded dux leaves me feeling like theres something missing. The Mint Chicks produce a crowd pleasing performance… even if I’m not as convinced as I was 24 hours previous.

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