The Gig List 1995- 2006

Summertimes:1995 Crowded House
Summertimes 1994 Jimmy Barnes,


March 16 1996: Page, Bunyip, Braspadeek, the edge, christchurch.

Charge 1996: HLAH, Superette, the 3Ds and Beats’r’us


4th March Ben Harper with support from Bunyip- The Edge
27 March Page @BHS

Saturday May 14th: Page: Christchurch

Friday 27th June: Audio Overload: The Nomad, HLAH, salmonella dub: Caledonian Hall Christchurch

Monday 21st July: Page: Christchurch
Sunday 27th July: Rockquest heats: The Ambitious Kung Fu guy, Iguana: Hornby High School, Christchurch

Sunday 10th August: bandemonidum: Cathedral Square, Christchurch

Shonen Knife ???? unknown

1998-5th form

Sunday 25th January: Ben Harper, Support by cinematic, Christchurch Town Hall, Christchurch
Export Gold Great Gig Outdoors: Tim Finn, the mutton-birds, stellar, zed, sundance kids, and the feelers. @ the strip

Friday 6th Feb: One love: Che fu, Bunyip, Sheelaroc, beats and pieces, gluefist @ new brighton
Friday 6th Feb: Dave Dobbyn, @ Arts Center, Christchurch

Saturday 2nd May: Swervedriver, Like water, Bunyip, parsec @ the edge
Friday 29th May: Bunyip: @ Dux de Lux, Christchurch

Saturday 6th June: Boardcast: Bunyip, Salmonella Dub, and deluxe boy @ waltham skate park
Saturday 27th June: Audio Overload: Salmonella Dub, Future Stupid, The Nomad, Bunyip, Parsec, Like Water, Submerge: @ Caledonian Hall Christchurch
Date Unknown: Neil Finn, The Stereobus Try whistling this tour 1998,@ Theatre Royal Chch

Saturday 8th August: Rockquest heats:@ Hornby High, Christchurch (Anika Moa (first heats and finals)
Date Unknown: Westpac Trust center opening: The feelers, the puffins: @Westpac Trust Center, Christchurch
Monday 31st August: King Zog: @ Burnside, Christchurch
Date Unknown: Linwood Lyfe Festival: Bunyip, Che Fu, and Sheelaroc @ linwood park

Thursday 26th November: Shihad, blue light disco tour: @ The Ministry, Christchurch.
November 28th Charge; 1998: HLAH, Che Fu, dead flowers, she’s Insane, m’juica @ cathedral square

Sunday 13th December: The Feelers @ Caledonian Hall Christchurch
Mad Professor, leftfield, @ Artery nelson 1998

1999- 6th form year

Summertimes:1999 6th Feb: MELT: Bunyip, Kajed, Parsec, the rusks, Che fu, I& I reggae Hagley Park, Christchurch

Orientation 99/Futures 99:
Friday Feb 19: Bunyip @ the dux
25th of Feb: Weta, supported by D-Magent@ upper common room UCSA
27th Feb: Dave Dobbyn, Chris Knox, Shes Insane @ amphitheater, UCSA
27th Feb: Fiona McDonald, Stereo Bus, @ Ballroom UCSA

Tuesday 2nd, March: HLAH, Hasslehof Experiment, 5, 6, 7, 8 @ Ballroom UCSA
Wed 3rd March: Deluxe Boy supported by Zed
5th march 1999 Skate Jam: Bunyip, I AND I @ Northlands
Friday 5th March Salmonella Dub, Pitch Black, The Nomad, Bunyip, VJ Helm, Fur Patrol, Filer, Tremolo, diletones, d’lis, @ Upper common room, and the ballroom, UCSA
Saturday 6th March Shihad, Submerge @ Ballroom, UCSA
7th march Boardcast 2: Slim, Grief, submerge, DJ Frostboy, Filer, and DJ Daimon Waltham skate park
Feb 20th One love 99: Weta, Bunyip, vicabamba, TKC, Solaa, Thompson Park, Brighton
April 1st 1999: Global Force: The Nomad, Parsec, Bunyip, Sun Toi, DJ Insomniac, DJ Daimon: @ Caledonian Hall Christchurch
Date unknown 1999???: Fur Patrol, M’juica, D*magnet, Hawaii 5-0, @ Occidental Hotel

Thursday 18th April: ‘Orkid, iguana, King Zog, Turiya, @ The Element, Chch
Rockquest 1999: heats and finals.-Joe Greens band.

Winter Soulstice: Bunyip, Pitch Black

Sat, 10th August: Tripod Jimmy (Japan), Page, Defkon, The Edge
Sat 21st august 1999: Rendezvous: DJ Horn, (Japan) OB1, Kenisis, Defender, Rukus, Orphic, Innovator, Adrenaline, Hijinx, Lippa, Insomniac, Ministry chch
New Beginnings: Sat 23rd October: DJ Horn (Japan), Salmonella dub, Bunyip,
December 1: World aids day Charge: Shihad, Salmonella Dub, The Stereobus, Defkon.@ Cathedral sq

New Years 99/2000- King Kapisi, Bunyip, Pitch Black, Takaka, Golden Bay.


Thursday 13th January: Solaa: Base, Christchurch

Saturday 5th Feb: Summertimes: Bunyip, dead flowers, Zed,
Saturday 5th Feb: Bic Runga (valentine’s performance) arts centre courtyard, Christchurch.
Friday 18th Feb: Salmonella Dub, King Kapisi
Thursday 24th Feb: Shihad

Thursday 2nd march: Supergrass, Mary, Chris Knox, the Stereobus, Christchurch Town Hall
Saturday 25th March:Equniox: Ebb, Shapeshifter, Confucious, Kinesis: At Science Alive, Christchurch

Saturday 13th May: Betchadupa : Dux de Lux, Christchurch

Thursday 1st June: Ben Harper: Christchurch Town hall, Christchurch

Saturday 14th July: Addicts: Illusions, Christchurch
Thursday 20th July: trigger Island, UCSA, christchurch

Saturday 19th August: Phantom menace Rave: Paradise Cafe;, Dunedin

Friday 8th September: Pitch Black: Civic of Canterbury, Christchurch
Saturday 16th September: Leviathan, Civic of Canterbury, Christchurch
Thursday 28th September: Slim : Dux de Lux, Christchurch
Thursday 28th September: Decknology: Azure, Christchurch
Saturday 30th September: Deluxe boy : Dux de Lux, Christchurch

Saturday 21st October: Beat On the Brat: Slim, Bunyip, Deluxe Boy, Fuce, 7 Tongues: Bedford Row, Christchurch
Sunday 22nd October: Psilo: Base, Christchurch

Thursday 16th November: Unity: Various venues, Christchurch
Date unknown: Say it: Clowndog, sheelaroc, Bunyip, St. Albans Park, Christchurch
Date unknown: In Studio: Bunyip, Sheelaroc, Salmonella Dub, Clowndog,
Friday 24th November: In studio, Cry TV: Shihad, Fur Patrol, Dreadford
Friday 24th November: The General Electric tour: Shihad, Weta, Fur Patrol

Friday 1st Decmeber: Supercharge: Chris Knox, deluxe boy, Fur Patrol, Heavy Jones Trio
Thursday 14th December: ‘Orkid: Dux de Lux, Christchurch
Sat 16th December: Summer Soulstice: TinRib, Max alien, Bryan Gee, Pitch black: Orton Bradley Park, Banks Peninsula
Gathering New Years 2000/2001


Thursday 25th Jan: Misnoma: Azure
2nd Feb: Tribal rising: ZX81, Psilo, Misnoma, flow, Fleur, Phact, Adrenaline, Mr. Exit: Gun Turrets Richmond Hill/ Port Of Lyttleton.

Sat 3rd Feb: Outdoor Styles: King Kapisi, Salmonella Dub, Bunyip, Shapeshifter, Downtown Brown, Civic of Canterbury, Christchurch
Monday 5th Feb: Dejavu: Psilo, Tim G, Cyan: Base, Christchurch
Tuesday 6th Feb: One Love 2001: Bunyip
Friday 16th Feb: Jordan Lucks Rock and Roll circus: UCSA Ballroom, Christchurch
Sat 17th Feb: King Kapisi, Trinity Roots, Nasty Bug DJ Collective: UCSA Ballroom, Christchurch
Wednesday 21st Feb: Neil Finn and Pine: UCSA Ballroom, Christchurch
Thursday 22nd Feb: Fur Patrol, tadpole, M’juica, Breathe: UCSA Ballroom, Christchurch
Friday 23rd Feb: Betchadupa, The Living End: UCSA Ballroom, Christchurch
Wednesday 28th Feb: Julia Deans and Steve Wells Solo gig: Bar Bodega, Wellington

Friday 9th March: Fur Patrol, Betchadupa, and Canvas, Union Hall, Wellington.
Saturday 10th March, Bands In the Square: Goodshirt, Betchadupa, Slim, Cassette: Civic Square, Wellington.
Saturday 17th March: Letterbox Lambs: Valve, Wellington
Saturday 17th March: Junior Garcia: Studio 9, Wellington
Saturday 31st March: D-Super: Valve, Wellington

Wednesday 4th April: Songwriters: Steve Wells: Bar Bodega, Wellington

Friday 18th May: The Superjesus, supported by Garageland: Union Hall, Wellington

Sunday 3rd June: Roots Foundation: Sub nine Wellington
Wednesday 13th June: Songwriters: Lukin Marlow: Bar Bodega

Thursday 5th July: Cripple Mister Onion: Dux de Lux, Christchurch
Friday 6th July: Heavy Jones trio, ‘Orkid: Dux de Lux, Christchurch
Saturday 7th July: Hard Orbit: Ministry, Christchurch
Saturday 14th July: ‘Orkid: Dux de Lux, Christchurch
Saturday 14th July: Bunyip: Jet set Lounge, Christchurch
Friday 20th July: Hardcore Will Never Die II, Psilo, Orphic: Base, Christchurch
Saturday 21st July: Tool: Westpac Trust Center, Christchurch
Tuesday 24th July: Powderfinger, supported by Garageland: Wellington Town Hall, Wellington


Wednesday 4th August: Fur Patrol Unhindged: Bar Bodega Wellington
Thursday 5th August: Fur Patrol: Valve, Wellington
Tuesday 21st August: uncle Monkey: Kitty O’Sheas, Wellington

Thursday 6th September: OG: Dux de Lux, Christchurch
September 15th Intergalactic Ball: Salmonella Dub, Roger Perry, Greg Churchill, Prof: the Artery, Nelson
Friday 21st September: Rockquest Finals: Goodshirt, Carriage H, Canvas, mother Guru: Wellington Town Hall, Wellington.

Saturday 13th October: Tim Finn & Anika Moa: Starlight Ballroom, Wellington
Saturday 13th October: Kevin energy: Phoenix, Wellington
Saturday 27th October: Fur Patrol, Sound check: Starlight Ballroom, Wellington
Saturday 27th October: Fur Patrol, Betchadupa, Goodshirt: Starlight Ballroom, Wellington

Saturday 3rd November: Fur Patrol, Betchadupa, Goodshirt: Civic of Canterbury, Christchurch
Thursday 8th November: Unity: Various venues, Christchurch

Saturday 1st December: Escapism: Ashley Gorge, North Canterbury
Monday 24th December: Bunyip: Dux de Lux, Christchurch
New Years Alpine unity 2001/2002


5th January: Austin Leeds (UK) Hybrid, Christchurch
Saturday 26th January: Nu Directions: Concord Dawn, Shapeshifter, Dreadford, Katalyst, Downtown Brow, Salmonella sound system, Solaa, Bunyip, verse 2, Fable DJ’s Pylon, Kaps.
Sat 26th January: Cripple Mister Onion, Valerie Violet- the Cauldron Christchurch.

Feb 6th:One Love: King Kapisi, Sheelaroc, Cowles Stadium Christchurch
Feb 9th: Bands In the Square: Augustino, Blindspott, Civic square Wellington
Feb 9th: Augustino, supported by Crumb: Valve, Wellington
Feb16th: Pitch Black: Indigo, Wellington
Saturday 23rd: Pluto and Augustino: Indigo, Wellington
Sunday 24th: Cuba Street Carnival: The Black seeds, CL bob, The Bad Apple Orchestra, Cuba Street, Wellington
Wednesday 27th Feb: Fur Patrol, Canvas: Massey University student Union, Wellington
Thursday 28th Feb: Fur Patrol, The Stoods, Slim: Union Hall, Wellington

Saturday 2nd March: Disorientation: Tim Finn, Betchadupa, Deja Voodoo: Union Hall, Wellington
Tuesday 5th March: Julia Deans acoustic solo at the big Kumara, Wellington
Wednesday 6 march: Songwriters: Steve wells, Lukin Marlow: at Kitty O’Sheas, Wellington
Friday 8th march: Fable 12″ release, Phoenix, Wellington
Thursday 21st March: Cassette, Ejector, at Bar Bodega Wellington
Friday 22nd March: Incubus: Wellington Town Hall, Wellington
Saturday 23rd March: Goodshirt, Lucid 3, Cassette: Indigo, Wellington

Wednesday 3rd April: Summer Jam: Silverchair, The Feelers, Che Fu and the Krates, Tadpole, Rubicon: Queens wharf events Center, Wellington
Wednesday 10th April: Songwriters, Steve Wells: Bar Bodega, Wellington
Friday 26 april Pluto @ Bar Bodega

Saturday 25 May Betchadupa @ Indigo

Tuesday 11th June Pluto @ University of Canterbury

Wednesday 10th July Steve Wells /Jane Songwriters at Bar Bodega
July 27, 2002: Betchadupa & D4 & Pan Am @ Indigo, Wellington.

August 10, 2002: Lucid 3, Gramsci @ Indigo Bar
August 14, 2002: Monstrosateaparty: Black Seeds,Fat Freddy�s Drop: James Cabaret, Wellington
Friday August 24th 2002: Pine, Minisnap at the Dux, Christchurch.

September 7 2002: Deceptikons, Civic Square, Wellington
September 25 2002: Manitoba and Rotor+ at (new) Bar Bodega, wellington

22 October, 2002: Lucid 3 @ Cuba Mall, Wellington

Friday 8th November 2002: Pacifier, You Am I , James Caberet, Wellington
Saturday 23 November: World Series: Fur Patrol, Stellar, Che Fu, Carly Binding at The St. James Auckland.

Saturday 14 December: Goodshirt, Sarah Browne, Evermore, Palisers, Waiheke Island.


Friday 17th January 2003: Big Day Out: Sparta, Foo Fighters, PJ Harvey, The Datsuns, Janes Addiction, Queens of the Stoneage, Pacifier, Nestian Mystik, ElemenoP, Karftwerk, Che Fu, Deftones, Wilco, King Kapisi, Murder Dolls, The D4, MachineGun Fellatio, The Living End , Erricson Stadium, Auckland

March 3 2003: The Brunettes , Stylus 77, Eastside Bar, Wellington
Wed 12 March 2003: Lindon Puffin and Jeremy Taylor, Bar Bodega, Wellington
Sunday 30th March 2003: Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals and Jack Johnson, Queens Wharf Events Centre, Wellington.

Monday 14th of April 2003: Bad Apple Orchestra, Bar Bodega, Wellington

Friday 13th June 2003: Die DJ Die: Paselode, Batrider, The Blue Set, Cortina, Autozamm, Marystaple, Indigo bar, Wellington

Thurs 7th August 2003: Idols of Eve and Substandard, The Dux, Christchurch
Saturday 16th August 2003: Dukes and Falter, The Dux, Christchurch
Saturday 16th August 2003: The Shocking Pinks, The Media Club, Christchurch
Saturday 30th August 2003: Pacifier, Fur Patrol, Two Lane Blacktop, Starlight Ballroom, Wellington

Thursday 4th September 2003: DJ Name, Self Titled, los bastinados del bingo, The Wunderbar, Lyttleton
Friday 5th September 2003: The Shocking Pinks and Self titled, The Media Club, Christchurch

Thursday 9th October 2003: The Rainy Days, Ghostplane, Mountain Lion, The Shallows, Bar Bodega, Wellington
Friday 10th October 2003: Salford Lads Club Presents The Smiths Tribute Night, Indigo Bar, Wellington
Friday 24th October 2003: Sleepers Union and Dragstrip at Bar Bodega, Wellington
Saturday 25th October 2003: The Verlaines and Ghostplane, At Bar Bodega, Wellington



Thursday 29 Jan: Mint Chicks and Die!Die!Die!,@ Wunderbar, Christchurch
Friday 30th Jan: Mint Chicks and Die!Die!Die!,@ dux de lux, Christchurch

Friday 6 Feb: HISS Explosion, substandard, Into the Void, The International Telepaths, Idols of Eve, @ Creation, Christchurch
Saturday 14th Feb: The Terminals and Mary Rose Crook,@ Arc Cafe, Dunedin
Sunday 15th Feb: The Chills, David Kilgour, Evolver,@ Carey’s Bay, Dunedin

Friday 12 March: The Michael Hex Memorial Concert: Substandrd, Minisnap, Drawing Room, The dialtones, Eskimo, The Undercurrents, Into the Void, Dragstrip, @ The Media Club, Christchurch
Friday 19 March: Eskimo, @ The Media Club, Christchurch
Saturday 20th March: Lindon Puffin,@ Mainstreet Cafe, Christchurch
Thursday 25th March: David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights,@ Dux de lux, Christchurch

Friday 2 April: steffan van soest hit machine, Into the Void, Palace of Wisdom,@ The Media Club, Christchurch.
Saturday 17 April: Batrider and Steffan Van Soest Hit Machine, Wunderbar, Lyttleton.
Friday 23rd April: The Renderers, The Terminals and Hamish Kilgour,@ Creation, Christchurch

Saturday 1 May:The Shocking Pinks, Age Pryor, C1,Christchurch
Saturday 1 May: Dimmer and The Undercurrents, The Jetset, Christchurch
Saturday 8 May: Lindon Puffin and Trillion, the dux de lux, Christchurch
Tuesday 18th May: Jim Cristy and Le Mot Cafe,@ Creation, Christchurch
Wednesday 26th May: Die!Die!Die! and the shocking pinks, @ The dux de lux, Christchurch
Thursday 27th May: Greg Malcom,@ Fendalton Library, Christchurch
Saturday 29th May: National Anthem (zed falter,solaa, the bats, etc) @ The UCSA Ballroom, Christchurch

Tuesday 1 June: Trillion, @ The dux de lux, Christchurch
Friday 4 June: Die!Die!Die! and The Shocking Pinks,@ Creation, Christchurch
Saturday 5th June: Die!Die!Die! and The Shocking Pinks,@ Wunderbar, Lyttleton
Thursday 17th June: Fanatics, Distasteradio, Lockign Cycle,@ Wunderbar, Lyttleton
Friday 18th June: Palace of Wisdom, USS hit machine, Eskimo and Paselode, @ Creation, Christchurch
Friday 25th June: Fanatics, Distasteradio, Golden Axe,@ Edens Bar, Auckland
Saturday 26th June: Sonic Youth, J Mascis, Birchville Cat Motel,@ St.James, Auckland

Friday 2 July: Spacedust, The Shocking Pinks,@ Wunderbar, Lyttleton
Saturday 10th July: Lucid 3 and Flip Grater, @ The Dux de Lux, Christchurch
Friday 16th July: Idols of Eve, ‘Orkid, and Missy G,@ Wunderbar, Lyttleton
Saturday 17th July: The Mint Chicks,@ Wunderbar, Lyttleton
Friday 23rd July: Silo and Lome,@ The Media Club, Christchurch
Saturday 24th July: Dave Mitchell, John White and Conway,@ The Arc Cafe, Dunedin
Thursday 29th July: Degrees K and Falter,@ The Dux De Lux, Christchurch
Friday 30th July: The Bats, Minisnap and Mikael H and the Siberians, @ Creation, Christchurch

Saturday 14th August: Mircorave and Idols of Eve,@ Creation, Christchurch
Saturday 21st August: Dellburgoes, The Dukes, @ Jetset Lounge, Christchurch

Friday 3 September: Eskimo, Silo, Lome,@ The Dux, Christchurch
Saturday 4th September: RDU Round-up Battle of the bands Heat 1,@ The Dux, Christchurch
Sunday 5th September: RDU Round-up Battle of the bands Heat 2,@ The Dux, Christchurch
Wednesday 8th September: My Dad Bill and Follow Suit, @ The Dux, Christchurch
Friday 10th September: Hep C awareness charity gig: Chris Knox, Idols of Eve, Fleur de Lis, The Possibilities, Lo-liners, Reb Fountain, @ The Media Club, Christchurch
September 24th: hawney troof, die! die! die!, leper ballet and black albino @ the Jetset lounge, Christchurch

october 9th: pine, alec bathgate, cd release @ the wunderbar
october 15th: a low hum tour october: phoenix foundation, cassette, phelps and munro @ jetset lounge chch
october 24th: feedback: minisnap, the dialtones and leper ballet @ the media club

November 12th: a low hum: golden-axe, disasteradio!, coolies and cortina @ the wunderbar

december 3rd: Dialtones CD Release: The Dialtones, shadow of the valley, typhoon noon, @ the media club
December 4th: Typhoon noon, my dad bill, the new originals, minisnap, shocking pinks, leper ballet, @ Creation
Sat December 18th: Gerling, The Coolies, The Fanatics, The Sneaks, The Secretaries, GoldenAxmas @ Kings Arms, Auckland


january 13th: into the void: cd release with an as-yet-unnamed band @ the dux de lux
Jan 14th: John Bulter trio, Julia Deans @ the civic
jan 20th: slipstream the new originals @ the dux de lux
Jan 27th: Happy Palace @ the dux
Jan 28th: My Dad Bill @ the dux
jan 29th: leper ballet, the new originals @ the wunderbar

feb 4th: My dad bill, Leper Ballet, Le Mot Cafe, Orkid @ the civic
feb 17th: undercurrents, typhoon noon @ dux de lux

24th March: REM, Bright Eyes and The Checks @ westpac Trust Centre

apr 8th: mint chicks, shocking pinks and click @ jetsetlounge,

May 6th: Straightjacket fits with Die die die @ the civic
May 13th: leper ballets final shows with Hype and the Insurgents @ creation,
May 14th: leper ballets final shows with Herb n’ The spices, a million lights @ creation
may 21th: lo-liners, palace of wisdom @ media club
may 28th: steffan van soest hit-machine, the pick-ups @ dux de lux,

june 4th: my dad bill, the fuck stains @ dux de lux
june 5th: the terminals, dick the phone, my dad bill @ creation
june 23rd: world in motion: shocking pinks, new originals, house of dolls and self-titled @ his lordships lane,

july 23rd: grand saloon @ the wunderbar

aug 11th: The Reduction Agents and the Undercurrents @ the Media Club
august 13th: A low hum (local): The New Originals, The House of Dolls, Slipstream, My Dad Bill and orkid @ the dux
aug 18th: into the void, house of dolls, @ dux de lux

sep 2nd: hep c benefit show: david kilgour and the heavy eights, landline, lo-liners and fleur de lis. @ the media club,
Sept 9th: Palace of Wisdom, how to kill, Pitstop Nymphos @ the Media Club
Sept 16th: die! die! die!, operation rolling thunder @ wunderbar
sep 17th: die! die! die!, the shocking pinks, operation rolling thunder @ jetset lounge
sep 24th: charlie ash, shocking pinks,@ dux de lux
sep 29th: four square: crossings, @ creation
sept 30th: grand saloon: birthday special @ harbour light

6th Oct: bachelorette, thomas: parkes,@ dux de lux
7th oct: food not bombs: the new originals, house of dolls, the pickups @ creation
8th oct: The Renderers @ the dux
13th Oct: the palace of wisdom, Stefan van soest,@ media club
14th oct: ryan mcphun and the ruby suns, the undercurrents,@ media club
21st Oct: kaleidescope world series 18: equus, a million lights, dragstrip, my dad bill, the new originals, pitstop nymphos, house of dolls, the dialtones, the undercurrents, thought creature. @ creation

Nov 17th: A Million Lights, House of Dolls @ the dux
Nov 19th: How to Kill, A Million Lights @ wunderbar

dec 3rd: grey daturas, blow charlie, a flight to blackout, house of dolls, a million lights,
Dec 16th: David Kilgour @ arc, Dunedin
dec 17th: The bittersweet @ radiant Records, Timaru
Dec 28th: out of kilter: falter, the henderson experience, the insurgents, slipstream, cold comfort @ creation


Sat 7th: Lester Osbourne, Lawernce Arabia @ the Duc
Sat 14th: A million lights, a flight to blackout, Frase @ the media club
Fri 20th: THE BIG DAY OUT: Pluto, Coco Solid, Sleater Kinney, The end of Fashion, The Magic Numbers, The Brunettes, The go! team, the bats, die die die, shihad, the white stripes, mars volta, franz ferdinand, iggy pop and the stooges, Henry rollins, the living end. @ erricson stadium, auckland.
Sat 28th: Frase, House of Dolls @ the dux
Sat 28th: lo-liners, Awesome @ wunderbar

Thurs 9th: Bonnie Prince Billy, The renderers @ the penguin club, Oamaru
Sat 11th : Food Not Bombs: a flight to blackout, the pickups @ latimer sq
Sat 11th: The Bads, Thomas Parkes @ the dux
Sat 18th: A flight to blackout, a million lights, coal @ the media club
Fri 24th: die die die, the french horns, yokel ono, the vacants @ creation
Sat 25th: A million lights, house of dolls, shannon, frase @ the media club

thurs 2nd: Pig out, Frase @ the dux
sat 4th: Frase, a flight to blackout, the pickups @ the media club
wed 8th: Greg Malcom @ the dux
Fri 10th: canteen: all-ages show: blackmarket art, dusty vinyls, a flight to blackout, solar vibes, @ creation
Sat 11th: Amy racecar, the body corporate, a flight to blackout @ creation
Sat 11th: The Renderers, lo-liners @ the harbourlight lyttleton.
Fri 17th: A low hum: Black Market Art, Grand Prix, The Whipping Cats @ creation
Sat 18th: The Insurgents, The Blow Charlie, Black Market Art, Coolade @ the penthouse, Unlimted

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